The teeth have canals in their roots, which is where the nerve passes.
When this area gets inflamed or infected, we have to remove the nerve and clean that canal (eliminate bacteria and necrotic tissue) and seal with a special plastic material. After sealing the canal, we reconstruct the tooth destroyed by decay or fracture.

Signs of an affected pulp (nerve inflammation)

Spontaneous pain, prolonged sensitivity to cold and heat, inflammation and discomfort in the gums around the affected tooth, colour change, are some of the most common symptoms that we can suffer.

If we suffer any of these symptoms we should hesitate in contact our dentist because if the tooth is not saved, it may reach a point of no return, where the only solution is the extraction.

The endodontic weakens the tooth and makes it more prone to fracture. For this reason, is often indicated placing a dental crown on the devitalised tooth some time after its reconstruction to avoid a future fracture.